Saturday, December 1, 2018

That Darned Old X DNA!

Good evening! Today I want to talk about some new things surrounding our Genetic Genealogy. Our oldest son finally was able to test his DNA this completes our immediate family having done DNA testing. My husband, myself and all three of our children have now tested.
I anxiously awaited his results over at Ancestry which by the way only took about 19 days total! A record in my book! Once his results had populated he decided to have me transfer them over to Family Tree DNA where his father and myself and his siblings were. Our youngest also tested at Ancestry too and transferred to FT DNA. I was puzzled once his results populated over at FT DNA though.

In looking at his matches to both his full siblings we can see two things that puzzled me.

 FT DNA estimates his relationship to be either Full Brother, Half Brother or Grandfather/Grandson. We know he is a full brother because he is a positive match to my husband and myself obviously as are his siblings, so why does he share less DNA with his brother as opposed to his sister? Notice that he shares absolutely No X DNA whatsoever with his brother but he does with his sister. Ive heard of recombination but come on, No DNA at all? They are both my sons so both would have my X DNA but it looks like they both got completely different sets of X DNA, I therefore assume the absence of any shared X between my two sons would account for the lower CM shared DNA as opposed to what is shared with his sister.
Now, if anyone could dumb this down enough for me to be able to try and figure out what ancestors my sons got their X DNA from that would be fabulous. In the meantime I guess I will do some research to try and figure out how I might go about doing just that!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Announcing Exciting News!

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I am excited to announce that I have just launched a new all inclusive family tree website. I have been looking for a way that I could get my family tree online with unlimited content, something that was all inclusive. For some time now I have had my eye on the TNG software written by Darrin Lythgoe. I finally purchased it and have just started adding content to it. Please be patient with me as its a new learning curve for me and will take some time getting all of my notes and facts and sources added to my tree. I imported my Gedcom file from my Ancestry tree into the site. I am now spending time setting it all up and adding copies of documents, photos and the like to it. For now I have restricted access to those folks who can prove they are related to myself or my husband in some way, either through traditional paper genealogy or a DNA match to ourselves.  

I will continue with this blog and still be adding new content and research notes here also. Nothing will change with this blog at all for the foreseeable future. I hope everyone had a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving Day and are looking forward to Christmas! Until next time, happy hunting!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Henry Hartline of Williamson County, Illinois

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia (c) Public Domain
Good afternoon everyone! Today I am sharing some information about my second great-grandfather, one Henry M. Hartline. By best accounts, grandfather Henry was born somewhere about the year 1839 in Germany, probably near Bavaria. Over the course of my research I have ran into several men by the name of Henry Hartline. I am just beginning to try and sort those out with the help of Genetic Genealogy.
Having so many men with the same name living in surrounding areas has made my work most difficult. This will probably be the first of a few posts as I attempt to sort these men out. Here is what I do know about my own Henry M. Hartline. Grandpa Henry was a Farmer by trade. He owned a splendid farm in Southeast Missouri after having left the Illinois area. I am beginning with the 1900 Census which is really the only census record where I am absolutely certain this is him. There are other Census records for "a" Henry Hartline which I will get to later, they may or may not be him, time will tell.  In looking at the 1900 Census for Bernie, Stoddard, Missouri we can find Grandpa Henry listed by the initial H. followed by Hartline. Grandpa was 59 years old with a birth date of February, 1841 listed, both of his parents places of birth are listed as Germany. This record shows his wife listed with only her first initial of E. we know however, that her first name was Eliza. She may have been named Elizabeth but I have only ever seen Eliza, her surname was Gambil which is verified through their marriage record and backed up by DNA evidence. This particular year there are three children in the household, two of which are their biological offspring, my Great Aunt Minnie Viola Hartline and her brother, which is my Great Grandfather John Newman "Lack" Hartline along with Eliza's niece L.E Summers.

1900 Census-Henry Hartline Household (c)
As you can also see above Grandfather Henry states he has been in the United States for 58 years at the time of this census. The aforementioned year of Immigration of 1842 would mean he was just a baby when his family came to America from Germany.

Henry is also listed on an 1890 Veterans Schedule as you can see in the screenshot below.
1890 Veterans Schedule (C)

By looking at the actual document we can see that Grandpa Henry served as a Private in the Illinois Infantry from 2 Apr, 1862-24 Aug 1864. Henry served as a Union Soldier in the 18th Regiment. Other documentations describes Henry as a Blacksmith by occupation and having Sandy Hair, Blue Eyes and a Dark Complexion. 

 The National Archives at Washington, D.C.; Washington, D.C.; Record Group Title: Records of the Department of Veterans Affairs, 1773 - 2007; Record Group Number: 15; Series Title: U.S., Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934; Series Number: T288

Before coming to Southeast Missouri, Grandfather Hartline lived in Williamson County, Illinois. On 2 Feb, 1882 in Williamson County, he married one Eliza Gambill. Eliza was the daughter of William D Gambill & Mary Polly Moore. 
There are a couple of newspaper articles which mention Grandpa Hartline and also bear witness to him having lived in Illinois and Southeast Missouri.

Henry M Hartline from Williamson, IllinoisHenry M Hartline from Williamson, Illinois Wed, Nov 12, 1890 – Page 3 · Shelbina Democrat (Shelbina, Shelby, Missouri) ·
This article above states he had three children, I can only verify through documents two of the three.
Below is another clipping regarding the same incident.

Henry M Hartline of Stoddard County, Mo my Great Great GrandfatherHenry M Hartline of Stoddard County, Mo my Great Great Grandfather Tue, Nov 18, 1890 – Page 5 · St. Louis Post-Dispatch (St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America) ·

Grandpa Henry M Hartline died on 1 Jan 1915 in Bernie, Stoddard, Missouri. We can see that on his death certificate they were really not certain of his age but estimated him to be about eighty years old. He was buried in McMerta Cemetery near Bernie, Stoddard, Missouri.The information was given by Henry's Son in Law, Silas Marion Crain.

Missouri Death Certificate-Mo Dept of Health-Henry M. Hartline
Above is all of the information that is currently known to me about my Great-Great-Grandfather Henry M Hartline. I have been taking a close look at my DNA tests and those of my children to try and pinpoint which line of Hartlines that Henry might descend from. There is one match in particular that I find very interesting and puzzling.

In order to protect the privacy of this individual in question I have blocked out their photo and other identifying information, I will simply call them B.J. Note that my son is the only one of us who has tested at Ancestry thus far, I have tested on the other sites but yet to test at Ancestry so relationship quotes you see there are based on the matches relationship to my son and not me. Ancestry puts this particular match between a 4-6th cousin to my son. A 4th Cousin would share third great grandparents with my son. So keeping that in mind, we already know that Henry Hartline is my second great grandfather so he is my sons third great grandfather. What is puzzling is the fact that this person descends from a man named Henry Hartline and his wife Patient Johnson.  I know that my third great grandfather is also named Henry Hartline, he is the father of the subject of this post, he married Mary Gilbert. I estimate my Henry Sr to have been born about 1810 in Germany. He married Mary Gilbert in 1833 in Saint Clair County, Illinois. The DNA match which we call BJ's ancestor Henry George Hartline was also living in Saint Clair County, Illinois where my Henry was married. I at first wondered if my Henry Sr and Bj`s George Henry were the same individual with two different wives at different times. I have since ruled that out due to the 1880 Census for the household of Henry G Hartline because it gives a birth year of 1839 for this Henry. That year of birth is more in common with the subject of this post and our Henry Jr. There are differences in initials with my Henrys middle initial being M and this one being G for George. This would certainly be about an estimated 4th cousin to my son if my Henry M and the matches George Henry were the same individual. The newspaper articles I shared above states that Henry had three kids, I only know of two. This George Henry has three additional children with this Mary Patient Johnson. Was he a cousin of my Henry? Im inclined to think perhaps that was the case as opposed to these two Henrys being the same individual. Keep in mind I can place George Henry Hartline on the 1880 Census but nothing afterward. I cannot place my Henry M on anything save his marriage record prior to the 1900 census so it stands to reason they could possibly be the same man. Time will tell. I am going to be working on this and seeing if I can turn up any additional info that might rule these possibilities out. For now I am most certain that George Henry Hartline is connected to my Henry M Hartline and his ancestors but exactly how I do not know. Until next time...stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A few updates

Good evening! Just popping in here to say that I apologize for lack of posts recently. I have been extremely busy with working full time and we just moved into a new home last week. Things have been somewhat hectic and I have not had any time to devote to family history. Since I have gone back to work I have had very little time to work on my history books as well. For now they have been placed on the back burner. I am hoping to get together some new content real soon and be able to post some more genealogical findings here for my readers. If you think we may be related hit the contact page here on this blog and leave me a message. Ill have something new to share soon. Happy hunting!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Fruit Tramps in History

The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs: Photography Collection, The New York Public Library. (1935 Jun.). Marysville migrant camp. California fruit tramp and his family (mother, twenty-two years old). Retrieved from

In today's post I wanted to share a bit of history with you. I was born in the late 60`s. My Aunts & Uncles on my Mothers side of the family were all in their late 40`s when I was born. My mother was 36 years old when she had me. If you have read the book or seen the family website that I created about my Mother's side of the family you will know that Mommas family were of very little means. I remember Mother telling me stories about her siblings and my grandmother, who traveled around and (in Mommas words) "followed the fruit harvest".  I got a hankering to see what she meant by following the fruit harvest. I came upon a term for folks who did just that and they were known as :"Fruit Tramps". I have shared a photo above taken in 1935 of a family of Fruit Tramps. So you might be like me and be wondering what in the world a Fruit Tramp actually did? What does that term even mean? I liken it to a Seasonal Migrant Farm Worker. My family has always lived in Southeast Missouri and the edge of Arkansas. Back when they were working as fruit tramps, they ended up in Michigan for a spell. I'm not sure just how long my family followed the fruit harvest nor when exactly they ended up back in Southeast Missouri. One day maybe I will devote some time to try and find out more about the months they spent traveling and harvesting fruit crops. I know one thing. Mama's family were hard working folks. They did what they could to make ends meet and not a one of them was a stranger to hard, dirty work. 

Monday, August 20, 2018

Job Jacob "Old Job" Acord`s Family

Job Jacob Acord was my third great-grandfather. Job was sometimes called "Old Job" Acord. His father was referred to as Old John and two of his brothers as Old Jack and Old Felt. I believe the fact that folks referred to them as Old could have meant two things. The first thing we note is that the Acord family was known for living long lives, thus they possessed the longevity gene. The second reason is likely due to the fact they named some of their children after one another so there were several Jobs, Valentines and Hamiltons...etc within the family. That sometimes makes things a bit confusing for researchers. Thus the reason for this post. I was contacted this week by another Acord researcher who seemed to be a bit confused about the children I had listed for grandfather Job. Said researcher felt that I had incorrectly attributed those children to Job when they were in fact the children of Jobs brother Zur Acord and wife Sarah Brown. I explained what I just stated above about the naming of children...etc.  After speaking with her, I decided to put the information over here on my blog in case anyone else comes along who might also be confused. The information I have is indeed correct. While she was right that Zur did indeed have children with those names, they were not the same children I had attributed to Job. 

Below is an annotated copy of the will of Job and Mary Acord which was probated in 1880 in Franklin County, Illinois. I created this copy and as you can see I have taken care to circle the heirs in red. Please note there was no date on this will. I came up with the year 1880 due to the fact that Job was 77 years old when said will was created, so that means he was likely born about 1803, which makes the will having been probated about 1880. It should be noted that researcher David Douglas on Ancestry first shared a copy of this will on Ancestry in 2014 which at the time appeared to be one copied from Microfilm. David stated the will was filed 15 Nov 1880. If Davids date is correct then we can assume that Job was born about 1803 as opposed to 1800 as some researchers believe.

Illinois Will & Probate Records, 1772-1999 for Job Acord
Franklin County Will Records, Book A-B,  1835-1917, P. 208-209

As seen in the above Will, Job was 77 and Mary was 76 years old.  If you also note in the above will, Job states he gives and bequeaths to Catharine, Henderson & Mahalia Acords heirs, which speaks to the fact these three children were dead at the time of this will being entered into probate. I have sent a letter off to see if I can locate a death record for Job and Mary Acord. I will amend this post if one is located. 

Below is a list of the aforementioned children along with their spouses and estimated dates of birth as contained within my records. Keep in mind I have not done research into my Acord line in a while so there are still some blanks that need to be filled in. My direct line has been highlighted 

  1. Catherine (Katherine) Katy Acord b. abt 1821. Katy married Josias (Cyrus) Bennett. They married 28 Sep 1843 in Delaware County, Indiana.
  2. Martin Van Buren Acord born about 1823. Martin was married twice, his first wife was Nancy Lambert they married 22 Sep 1845 in Jackson County, Ohio. Martin married his second wife Elizabeth Wright 7 May 1859 in Hamilton County, Illinois. Elizabeth was the daughter of Clayton Wright and Anna Snider. Elizabeth was a widow at the time of their marriage she had been previously married to Preston Whitfield Click. Elizabeth and Preston had one daughter Julia Ann Click. Julia would later marry Amos Acord. Martin and Elizabeth were my second great-grandparents.
  3. Robert Acord (please note this is not Robert Cuddy Acord) born abt 1824. Robert married Olive Bennett 14 Jan 1847 in Delaware, Indiana. Robert died 29 Nov 1887 in Yorktown, Indiana.
  4. Zur Acord born 25 Mar 1825 in Gallia County, Ohio. Zur married Sarah Ann Brown abt 1849 and had several children. Sarah died in 1912 in which Zur then married his second wife Mary Somerville. The couple married 30 Aug 1916. Zur died 21 Jan 1917.
  5. Mahalia Acord Mahlia was likely born abt 1826. Mahalia married Adam Smeltzer 18 Feb 1851 in Delaware, Indiana. No death record has been found for Mahalia as of yet, however, according to her parents will we know she died before 1880.
  6. Hamilton Acord was born 1 Nov 1827 in Ohio. On 24 Feb 1850, Hamilton married Sarah Salley Lambert. Hamilton and Sarah had several children born of their union. Hamilton Acord died 9 March, 1911 in Crowder, Scott County, Missouri.
  7. Henderson Acord Henderson was likely born about 1830 give or take a couple years. We know he died prior to the probate date of his parents will.
  8. Job Acord Jr was born 19 May 1835 in Muncie County, Indiana. Job married first in 1859 to Anna Acker. Then he married Sarah E. Hungate, daughter of Christopher & Elizabeth Hungate. The couple married about 1876.  
  9. Mary Frances Acord Mary was born about 1845. Mary married Lewis Jordan. Mary & Lewis were married 13 Apr 1862 in Indiana.

As we can see this will lists a total of Nine (9) Children for Job Sr and Mary Acord; 3 daughters and six sons. This likely has only taken into account children who lived to adult hood and were old enough to have given Job and Mary some grandchildren aka heirs. So the couple likely may have borne other children that died before reaching adulthood and or leaving some heirs. 

In looking at the 1830 census for the household of Job Acord we can see the following. If the birth years of the children are correct then this screenshot contains the likely children listed in red within this census. This should only be used as a guesstimate due to various age differences that sometimes occur within census records.  This would put those children listed between ages of 5-9 as having been born between the years of 1821-1825. 

The childrens names in red, which I listed above lines up with the known estimated years of birth of Jobs children. Children not yet born were Henderson, Job Jr and Mary Frances.

I have been unable to locate an 1840 Census for the household of Job Acord. The next Census record I have is the 1850 Census. This census year the family is living in Mason County, Illinois. Job is listed with a birth year of 1799 in Virginia, Mary born 1805 in Virginia. There is a 23 yr old John Acord born 1827 in Iowa. I think that this John was likely John William Acord, son of Valentine Felt "Old Felt" Acord and Elizabeth Oliver. Felt was Jobs brother, therefore John was likely Jobs nephew. There is also a 16 yr old Martha Jane Combs and a 13 yr old Sarah Combs living within the household, relationship unknown. Remember that Jobs mother was a Combs by birth. There were also a 14 yr old Jane and 8 yr old Susan Sanders, relationships of these two girls also unknown. All children within the household were born in Iowa. 

In 1860 Job and Mary are living in Delaware Indiana. In the household are their 15 yr old daughter Mary and a 4 yr old Matty Acord which I assume was likely a granddaughter of theirs.

The last census record I have the couple on was the 1870 Census record for Hamilton County, Illinois. Said record shows Job born about 1801 in Virginia. In the household are Mary and a 14 yr old female named Finetta Acord who is listed as a Servant.

I have been unable to locate an 1880 Census for the household. The will was not entered into probate until November so there may still be an unfound 1880 census document floating out there somewhere. I will add more info to this post as I run across it.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Good Evening. Just thought I'd pop in this evening and share this wonderful old video I found. My family and I are planning a Fall Camping trip to Alley Springs Campground in Eminence, Missouri. Alley Springs is part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways area.  We haven't been tent camping since 2007 so this will be a treat for us. A lot of people visit the area to float the rivers in a Canoe. We have no interest in floating, just enjoying the beautiful scenery and hiking the area. When we do camp, it's usually in the Fall or Spring. We do not like to tent camp in the summer months as its just too hot to be comfortable for us. On this trip it will just be my husband, myself and our oldest son. Our youngest son doesn't like to camp so he's staying behind.  Our daughter has to work. I was able to take a day off work to make the trip. It will be a fun getaway.

Since we have not been camping in several years, and no longer had our camping gear I have had to make quite a few purchases and will continue to do so to prepare for this trip. Our children were in their teens the last time we took them camping, they are all adults now. Our son will have his own tent and my husband and I will have ours. We can have two tents on our campsite so that will work out just fine for us. I'll be sure to share some pictures of our trip here on this blog.

I remember my mother talking about how she and my father and the rest of our family went to Big Springs in Van Buren, Missouri back when I was a baby, in 1969. That's probably just about the time period that the above video was made. My mother use to have a picture of me standing in the water right beside our canoe and she had a hold of my little dress. I probably was about 14 months old at the time. My Aunt and two of my uncles, my mother's siblings, lived up in the Hills around Piedmont ,Van Buren and Ellsinore.  I have not seen that picture in years. I inherited my mothers picture box when she passed away and its not in it.

When I was a child my parents never took me camping. I learned what I knew about camping through Girl Scouts. When I became a Mother and my children were old enough, my husband and I took them camping. We have been to just about every state park within the state of Missouri. At least in the Southern half of Missouri. It was something our kids enjoyed every summer for as long as I can remember. We are looking forward to getting back to nature once again. 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Mary "Mollie" East

Mollie East-McDaniel & Family
Edited by Author
Shared on Ancestry by mbmjlm in 2011
This is part one of a two part post. In this post I am going to share information about the wife of my third great Uncle. I will feature my Uncle in a future post, which will be part two of this one so stay tuned!

 Mary "Mollie" East was born 19 March, 1865 in Chester, Randolph, Illinois. Mollie was the daughter of Matthew East & Jemimah Emmaline Bennett.
The first record I have of Mollie is when she appeared on the 1870 Census (see photo below). Mollie was living in the household of her Mother and with her sister, Amanda. The family was living in Cedar Creek township in Wayne County, Missouri 1870 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2009. Images reproduced by FamilySearch.

In 1880 we find Mollie living with her Mother and her then step-father, Abner Bennett. Also on the household was Mollies sister Mandy and her half sister, Emma Bennett. On this record Molly is listed as Polly East. 

Things have changed by the year 1900. In that twenty year span, we find that Molly had been married three times and borne ten children, seven of whom were living.Molly gives her relationship status as Widowed. Mollies first marriage occurred probably long about the year 1881, based on the birth of her oldest child. There has been no marriage record found by this researcher for this marriage. Mollies first husband was William Franklin Pope. The couple had one son born of this marriage, Benjamin Franklin Pope. Benjamin appears on this 1900 census record as the 17 year old Frank Pope.

Above is a screenshot of the Social Security Application record for Benjamin Franklin Pope. We can see it lists his Mothers name as Mollie East.

Mollies second marriage was to William H. White. This marriage likely occurred about 1884, and to this union was born two sons. Both of those sons appeared on this 1900 census record as the 14 year old Noah White & 9 year old Sherman White.
On 30 October, 1893, Mollie married her third husband, who just happens to have been my third great-uncle; Eli Henry Lee McDaniel Sr.

Mollie and Uncle Eli had four children born of their marriage, which also appeared on the 1900 census as; 5 year old Lee McDaniel, 3 year old Edward McDaniel, 1 year old Olan McDaniel and 2 month old Maree McDaniel. (Spellings are just as they appear on the census record),

After Uncle Eli died, Mollie apparently married a Meador. I cannot find a marriage record between her and a man with the surname Meador; however the next marriage record that I do find for her lists her surname as Meador. Mollies sister Amanda East did marry Joel Buchanan "Buck" Meador so its possible Mollie married one of his brothers too.

Mollie married her fifth husband;John Moore St Clair on 15 February, 1905 in Greenville, Wayne, Missouri. As stated above Mollies name on this marriage record is listed as Mollie Meador.

On the 1910 Census we find Mollie and her husband John living in Saint Francois township in Wayne County, Missouri. Mollie states that she is the Mother of twelve (12) children, with just nine (9) of them living. Mollie states she has been married five (5) years. The children listed on the census record are: Noah White 24, Sherman White 19, (the following children appear on the census with the surname White; however, these are her children born of the marriage between her and my Uncle Eli McDaniel) Lee 15, Edward 13, Ola 11,  Marie 10, The following daughter, I suspect to have been the daughter of her Meador husband due to the fact she was already listed as a Widow on the 1900 census and this child was not yet born.  Said child is listed with the name Grace White age 7 on the 1910 Census, she was likely Grace Meador, because Mollie did not marry John St Clair until 1910, unless this one was born out of wedlock. Graces relationship is also listed as Step Daughter on this record. The youngest child to appear on this census was a 4 year old daughter, named Maggie St Clair.

By the year 1920, all of the children have left the home with the exception of daughter Maggie. Moving on to 1930, we find Mollie as the head of the household, now living in Fredericktown, Missouri, listed as widowed. Appearing on the 1930 census are:
Mollie age 65, daughter Margaret (Maggie) St Clair, age 24, Grandson John St Clair, age 5, Granddaughter Loretta Clubb age 11 and Granddaughter Bernice Clubb age 9.

I have been unable to locate Mollie on the 1940 Census as of yet. At the time of her death in 1947 she was still living in Fredericktown, Missouri so she has to appear on the census record somewhere. When I am able to locate said record I will add it to this post. Stay tuned for part two to come this weekend sometime.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Important Notice

I have recently reverted my blog back to a Blogspot domain name as opposed to its own personal URL. In the process I have found out that some of my links do not work. Until I can get the time to go through them and fix them, here is a workaround.
When going to a page that has the old domain name just change the first part of the url to eadsnalliedfamilies. and leave the rest intact and that should take you to the page you are looking for.
Also if you notice any broken links on this blog I would so appreciate it if you would take the time to leave me a comment on the contact page and let me know which links are broken so I can fix them. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more family history posts!

Controversial Ancestors

This page will contain some of our most Controversial Ancestors. Ancestors for whom there are varying differences of opinions amongst researchers. Ancestors of which I have researched in depth and wish to offer my own opinion based on sound research. The persons listed on this page are ancestors that come up time and time again and can be sources of confusion for others who are researching them.  I am going to list them in a bullet list below, they are in no particular order. Stay tuned because I will be adding a complete post on each of these individuals. As soon as I have their posts ready to publish I will include a hyperlink on each of the names listed below. I will add more individuals to this list soon.

  1. Amanda America Clementine McDaniel
  2. Polly Hobday-Tinker
  3. Consadie Fannie Eads-McDaniel
  4. Abraham Tinker Sr

Friday, July 27, 2018

Acord Family History

Our Acord family history begins with my Maternal Great-Grandmother; Rachael Acord. Grandmother Rachael was born 17 July, 1861 in Hamilton County, Illinois. Rachel was the daughter of Martin Van Buren Acord & Elizabeth Wright.
On 15 June, 1882 in Scott County, Missouri, Rachael Acord married my great-grandfather James Virgil Wilkey. James was the son of Carter Fillmore Wilkey & Artimessia Kimball.
Rachels daddy, Martin Acord was born about 1823 either in Ohio or Virginia. Martin was the son of Job "Old Job" Acord & Mary Polly Harper.  Old Job Acord was born about 1800 in Giles County, Virginia and died about 1877 in Franklin County, Illinois. At a later date I will publish a more indepth post concerning each of the persons mentioned here and will include sources along with records for each of them. Todays post is basically a summary of my Acord lineage along with some interesting newspaper clippings I found that tells a bit more about my Acord ancestors.
Old Job`s parents were John "Old John" Acord and Rachael Combs. Old John and his wife Rachel had several children, one of whom was named Jack "Old Jack" Acord. In studying the lineage of my Acord ancestors it would seem they all possessed the longevity gene. I am assuming that must be why these three in particular was listed as "Old John", "Old Job" and "Old Jack".

Old John Acord-father of Old Job Acord
Old John Acord-father of Old Job Acord Thu, Jan 9, 1873 – 2 · The Jackson Standard (Jackson, Ohio) ·

In the newspaper clipping below we can see that my great-great Grandfather Martin, had seventeen children, all sons and one daughter. I have not been able to account for all seventeen of them and I have found more daughters than what this article states. Grandfather was married twice, first to Nancy Lambert and then to my Great Great Grandmother; Elizabeth Wright.

Old Job Acord
Old Job Acord Thu, Oct 30, 1873 – 2 · The Jackson Standard (Jackson, Ohio) ·
The above article was published in 1873 so its possible he had more children after it was published which may account for more daughters than what was mentioned. More to come about my Acord ancestors soon!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

An Unexpected Discovery-Gamble DNA

This is part two of a series of posts that I have put together concerning the parents of my Great Grandmother, Mary Ann Farmer-Esterline. You may read part one here.
I have been fortunate enough to know quite a bit about my family history and know who both of my parents were. Knowing that has helped me not to face some of the roadblocks that others may have faced such as those who come from broken homes or were adopted or just did not know one parent or grandparent, my husband falls in the latter category of unknown grandparents. It has been somewhat hard to discovery a lot of his family history due to the unknowns.
DNA has helped me to locate several missing ancestors and I consider it well worth every penny that I have spent to test. I was working on my father's side of the family a few months ago when a unique but puzzling situation occurred.

Our son is the only one of us who has tested at Ancestry, we have all tested elsewhere. So the relationships you see on these screenshots are relationships to him. The above DNA match is my father's 1st Cousin, making him my sons 1st cousin, twice removed. My father's mother was Bertha Mae Hartline.  Grandma was the daughter of John Newman Hartline & Alice May Johnson. John was the son of Henry Hartline and Eliza Gamble.

The above Hartline cousin has several in common matches with our son. You can imagine my surprise when I took a look at those incommon matches and the top one was my Mothers 1st cousin!

Several more of Mom's cousins also were in common with Dads Hartline cousin. How did they connect? I combed through the trees and the only surname that I can find any connection to is Gamble. In my previous post I shared my conclusion that my Maternal Great Grandmother Mary Ann Farmer`s mother was Sarah Gamble. Grandmother Sarah Gamble must connect someway to my Paternal Great-Great Grandmother, Eliza Gamble. I do not currently know who Sarah Gambles parents were, more research is needed. As for Eliza, her parents were William D. Gamble & Mary Polly Moore. 
I think that the discovery of this In common with DNA with my Mother's people helps to confirm my theory that my Maternal Great Grandmother was indeed the daughter of Harrison Farmer and Sarah Gamble.

Mary Ann Farmer-Esterline Parents

This will be a two part post. In the first  post I want to share with you some information that I touched on in my recent book about my Mother's family history.
For years there has been some speculation about the parents of my Maternal Great Grandmother Mary Ann Farmer-Esterline.  The general consensus amongst most trees on Ancestry was that her parents were Ezekiel Farmer and Florinda Jane Campbell. I too was under that assumption until some things showed up in my DNA results that caused me to question that assumption and to do some more research and digging. I want to share some things contained in a document written by a cousin of mine, David Krueger. David has done a lot of research on our Esterline family. There have been many descendants who have also done DNA testing. David wrote a publication entitled: "Who were Mary Farmer`s Parents". The following is an excerpt from my recently published book in which I speak about Davids theories with regard to our Mary Ann Farmer-Esterline. David gives three possible persons who may have been our Mary Ann.

"The first being Mary A. Varner a daughter of Isaac Varner and Lydia Gillman. David states his brother Stephen felt that Mary A Varner was our Mary Ann Farmer based on the German pronunciation of the word Varner being similar to Farmer. David has gone on to show that said Mary A Varner married Benjamin Selby and therefore could not be the same person.

Moving on to option B. Polly Ann Farmer. Polly was the daughter of Harrison and Sarah Gamble Farmer. David goes on to state that John Wesley Esterlines daughter Claras birth index has her mother's name listed as Polly Farmer. He also states that he has found no record of that particular Polly Farmer after the 1870 census.He felt that perhaps she died or married prior to the 1880 census.

David concludes that he has no explanation for the reference of Polly as being the mother of Clara Esterline. He is also basing that assumption on the Census records place of birth for this Polly as being different than what is known about our Mary Ann, therefore she could not be our Mary Ann Farmer-Esterline.

 Moving on to his third candidate. Mary E. Farmer. Daughter of Ezekiel Farmer & Florinda Jane Campbell. To quote Davids conclusion:The “Mary E. Farmer” on the 1870 census would have been reported by her parents. It is possible that (a) Mary liked “Ann” better than whatever the “E” represented or (b) the “E” is for a name variation that included Ann (e.g., Elizabeth Ann). 2015 © David Krueger David concluded that he feels our Mary Ann Farmer Esterline was the daughter of Ezekiel Farmer & Florinda Jane Campbell."

I have uncovered some new information that shows that our Mary Ann Farmer was not the daughter of Ezekiel Farmer and Florinda Jane Campbell. I believe that our Mary Ann was actually Polly Ann Farmer the daughter of Harrison Farmer and Sarah Gamble. I have highlighted in yellow Davids theory regarding Marys middle initial of E. As we can see neither assumption he made was correct as these were two entirely different women and the daughter of Ezekiel Farmer did have the middle name of Elizabeth just as the intital E indicated.

Ezekiel and Florinda Farmer did have a daughter named Mary Elizabeth Farmer. Said Mary was born 2 Jan 1859 in Warrick County, Indiana. Mary married one Ellis Jay Wright in 1874 in Warrick County, Indiana. Mary died 27 Dec 1935 in Warrick County, Indiana. Below is a copy of her death certificate which clearly names her parents as Ezekiel Farmer and Flora McGregory. After Ezekiel died, Florinda married a second time to a McGregory.

The discovery of this Death Certificate helps to confirm what the DNA matches are showing me, which I will elaborate on in part two of this post. Our Marys name was Mary Ann "Polly" Farmer. Census records show either Polly or Mary A depending on which record you view. Now, let's move on to part two in which I share some DNA results that helped me to confirm Mary's parents.

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